Tuesday, 17 September 2013

First Post: Tom Campbell

Just as a test, I thought I'd try a quick post with a video attachment. This is Tom Campbell appearing in a trailer for a DVD called "The Path: Afterlife".


  1. Just testing leaving a comment.

  2. Excellent! Leaving a comment is easier than I thought.
    For others reading this - just click on 'comment' and on the drop down menu choose 'name'. A URL is not necessary apparently. Or presumably you could click 'anonymous' or even enter a 'pen-name' under 'name' instead of your real one.

    David has created a great facility here accessible to all.

    And as I understand it he's also making the blog 'open' so any of us can float a discussion or opinion.

    1. By "open", I think Dave means the ability to create posts (new subjects) rather than just add comments to existing posts. To do so, I can add you as an "author" with rights to create and edit. However, this being a Google platform, it requires a Google account.

      Google accounts a free and simple and you get a email address (which you can choose to use or not). That address constitutes your Google account ID which I will need to add you here.

      See: Google Account SignUp

  3. BTW David, the time needs a tweak to UK settings. I'm writing this around 8.45am but it will show after midnight (probably California!)

    1. HI Dave, Thanks for pointing out the Timezone thing ... fixed now.

  4. Specifically now commented on the Tom Campbell trailer.....
    It's a very long time since I read (or half read) Tom's massive trilogy My Big TOE, so have forgotten much of his philosophy.
    This concept that he puts forward here - that all the stories of NDEs meeting dead relatives etc are 'virtual' presumably meaning 'not real' - is very controversial and may upset some people.
    Where does he go from here - presumably saying we move into a far wider reality where we can create anything we want?
    And are those creations any more real than the virtual 'intro reality' we are given when we first pass over?
    I suppose I'm asking 'do we ever meet the dead relatives?' or do we just think we do?

  5. Tom describes all reality as virtual but I don't think he means "not real". If you think of reality as mind stuff, you could say that we are all the dream of the One Mind. In that case, you might as the same question: are we real? I'd say yes.

    However, I do look at things slightly different to Tom so I'd recommend watching a few of his longer videos for a better grasp of his take on virtual reality. Remember, he's a physicist and he comes to this in a fairly objective manner whereas I place more emphasis on subjectivity.

  6. David wrote: Tom describes all reality as virtual but I don't think he means "not real". If you think of reality as mind stuff, you could say that we are all the dream of the One Mind. In that case, you might as the same question: are we real? I'd say yes.

    I see what you mean David - I agree. But the way he phrased it was that 'this was all virtual' rather as if the stuff that came later was different and therefore not virtual and somehow more 'actual'.

  7. Re-reading what you said that Tom describes all reality as virtual, then surely begs the question:"Is there a difference between a self-created reality and a non- self-created reality?

    I've heard these realms described as 'places' where thoughts become reality - you want a little thatched cottage and you find you've got one, you want a Rolls Royce and you're driving one etc.

    But if you want to meet your 'dead' grandma, are you meeting your creation or is there a way to interact with the spirit aspect of grannie.

    Do you understand what I mean?

    1. Now why would anyone need a Rolls ROyce when all they need to do is think of somewhere and - hey presto - they are there. ;)

      See below for the serious response.

  8. Yes - and i have struggled with the same questions. Taking it too far leads to solipsism, doesn't it?

    I suspect that I might create an "out-there" reality and you might do the same. Somehow, our two creations are synchronised and interactive (I'm struggling for the right terms here). We are in agreement about our collective "out-there" reality.

    My image of my here-and-now friend might (probably must) be completely in tune with his self-image. Our interaction creates a shared reality. But in the afterlife, that consistency is less rigid. We can play with our imagery and present our own image differently. I read many years ago that people tend to revert to their favoured age while living on earth - usually young adults. But this is not universal and some prefer the wise old man look or the teenage girl - whatever.

    So this is what I meant by my emphasis on subjectivity. We are at liberty to change how we appear. Others may appear to us in a guise we feel comfortable with but that might not be their image of choice otherwise. But whatever the choice, the "projected" image is picked up and recreated by the receiver.

    By the way, I have not refreshed my own Tom Campbell video viewing for quite a while so I am no expert on what he thinks.

  9. I'm going to post another video which might throw some light on the subject from Tom's point of view.


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